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The Business of Entertainment® is informative and entertaining video courseware featuring executives, producers and practitioners working in Hollywood today - reality-based, first-hand insights from those "in the know". Film students and working More professionals - our courseware cuts through the jargon and delivers the insider’s edge! Subscribers can choose from several value-packaged plans. Chose the BOE® CAREER IN ENTERTAINMENT SERIES that contains ALL of the current courseware content for just $168, that's over 20% off the ala carte price! The BOE® PRODUCER'S SERIES is for independent producers seeking to kick start their projects with first-hand insider knowledge on financing, distribution and production planning. The BOE® CONTENT DISTRIBUTION SERIES tackles the tough issues facing the industry today - digital post production, Cloud-based commerce, stereoscopic 3D, Internationalization, New Media economics and more! Our courseware is unique because we strip away the glitz and glamor to focus on the real business issues facing Hollywood today. Where does film financing coming from? How do I get distribution for my independent project? How does piracy impact my career? Is 3D just a fad? How do I market my project on the Internet? How do I prepare my content for film festivals and international audiences? What are the consumer trends and market opportunities for independent and professional content? These and many other questions are answered by The Business of Entertainment®.Less

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